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Hello! My name is LT. I'm the creator of this Blog.Growing up in a small town in Ohio was very interesting to say the least.I was raised in a single parent home for about five years.Now I'm the proud single parent of two children, one girl the age of fourteen years old, and one son that is now nine years old. Growing up as a child I had a gift of creativity and helping people. At eighteen years old I left home to venture out on my own.This was a very dangerous time in my life !Now that I m thirty-five years old I look back on my life from ages eighteen to thirty years old and I  know I only made it here today by the Grace of God. Single parenting and single life isn't easy so let's take this journey together! My education is in the field of Behavioral Health/Chemical Dependency and Health/Wellness.Cant wait to hear from you! Contact us anytime at ltillman1975@hotmail.com

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