Use These 11 Techniques To Work On Your Confidence

  • Learn to Love God
  • Learn to Love yourself.
  • Jot down your feelings as much as possible.
  • Pray consistently
  • Read your bible and christian books.
  • Push through your own struggles and motivate others.
  • Don't isolate yourself.
  • Learn to say "no"
  • Put christian affirmations on your desk at work, in home (bathroom mirror) and bedroom mirror etc.
  • Obstain from alcohol and or drugs because these chemicals can alter the way you feel about yourself, rather you want to believe it or not.   
  • Be honest


  1. Love your list you have here they surely are a blessing and I pray others would drop by and read it. Being single seems to have allot of pressure to it each year, society is pushing people into relationships but the only thing they aren't teaching is being content with being single. I know the struggles that comes with being single I was single for many years..and I had to learn to be content but the only way I learned that was through Jesus Christ...I like your post and page and will be back again.


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