Child Neglect By An Addicted Single Mother

A 4-year-old Brooklyn girl who weighed 18 pounds when she died in September appears to have gone months without a visit from child welfare workers assigned to monitor her well-being, despite indications that she could be at risk, New York’s child welfare agency revealed on Tuesday. Carlotta Brett-Pierce is facing charges that include second-degree assault in the death of her 4-year-old daughter, Marchella Pierce.The agency offered a wrenching glimpse into the final months of the girl, Marchella Pierce, whose home care, it said, was “grossly inadequate.” It also found that her mother beat her with a videocassette case for punishment and tied her to a bed “for substantial periods of time.The report outlines a series of failures by the agency and a private provider that missed or ignored signals that the girl’s mother — who had a known history of substance abuse and who continued to fail drug tests even after the agency became involved with the family seemed incapable of tending to her daughter’s serious medical needs. Her mother, Carlotta Brett-Pierce, 30, who is facing charges that include second-degree assault, has told investigators that she had tied Marchella to a bed at night to keep her from taking food from the refrigerator and making a mess. The girl was born more than three months prematurely, had severely underdeveloped lungs and spent most of her life in hospitals. A twin sister died at birth. Marchella needed the help of a tracheal tube when she returned home for good in February. She weighed less when she died than when she had been released from the hospital and “was not normal weight even for a child with significant medical problems since birth,” the report said. The city agency had no record that its child protective staff had any contact with the family after a brief visit on the night of March 2. That visit came after the girl’s mother took her to a hospital; her tracheal tube had fallen out, and a hospital worker, concerned about the mother’s ability to take care of the child, contacted authorities. The girl’s father, Tyrone Pierce, is separated from Ms. Brett-Pierce. Cited source:By RAY RIVERAPublished: October 5, 2010,  I don't know about you, but I'm tired of children dying,I'm tired of us dying inside.If you cant take care of your children give them to someone who will!! We need the Lord.Lets work together for the good of all.What's your response?


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