What are you willing to sacrifice?

Today while driving into work the word sacrifice came to mind. Sacrifice means to go without to suffer a loss for a belief, idea or goal. When looking at what Jesus did for us on the cross we genuinely owe him sacrifice. What are we willing to sacrifice in this life? Ten good examples of starters, which some of them I’m working on as we speak:
1.Attending church regularly including children! Doesn’t God at least deserve Sunday 100%! 2 to 3 hours
2.Paying Tithes10%!
3.Being Abstinent100%!
4.Volunteering 1 to 2 hrs a week 100%
5.Bible Reading/Prayer! Doesn’t he deserve some personal time! mins to 1 hr a day
6.Putting down recreational drugs and alcohol that alter our thought process 100%! This is challenging may need professional help see resources on right side of this page!
7.Staying away from negative people 100%!
8.Developing wisdom which will come as you study the word more 100%!
9.Fixing yourself up no matter how you feel 100%!
10.Stay Positive 100%! Can be challenging, and takes time!
Do you understand that life is supposed to be more than just about you!
How dare we created by God become so selfish! This may seem harsh, but it’s the truth. Sugar coating things isn’t going to help any of us!


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