Mistakes To Avoid While Dating Part 1

Okay let’s get right to it. While dating men, women have made some serious mistakes. These mistakes have to change, if you want to end up with a decent man. Quit talking about what you’re going to do different and do it! And men I haven’t forgot about you its coming next week. Here are the mistakes as follows:
  • Drive in separate vehicles to dating locations.
  • My single ladies do not pay for meals etc. unless certain circumstances warrant for it. And I mean it better be a GOOD REASON!
  • Do not kiss the first few months. After a few months go by maybe a kiss on the cheek, but no tongue action at all. If it were up to me, no kissing at all would be aloud. The act of kissing can be very intimate. Which could lead too other things if you know what I mean?
  • Do not visit your date’s home or your own. Being in a relaxed environment could get you also in a lot of trouble. Try to avoid this step for a few months and make sure they’re gone before sundown.
  • Try to avoid late night phone conversations. This could make you a little more vulnerable and lonelier at night.   
    What do you think???

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