Single Parent Statistics

Listen to the this! According to US Census Bureau in 2009 there are around 13.7 million single parents in the United States.  These parents are responsible for raising 21.8 million children .Do you really know what a single parent looks like now here it is. Almost 84% of mothers are the legal guardians. Almost 16% of fathers are guardians. Out of 84% of mothers 34.2% have never been married.Wow! Out of 16% of fathers 20.9% have never been married. A 40 year old or older is at 39.1% a legal guardian.46% of mothers have two or more children living with them. These statistics are outrageous we can’t let this continue. Children have to suffer because we‘re irresponsible. The days and times we are leaving in are BAD.You can see that by the murder rates going up all over the United States. It’s harder to keep our children out of trouble! We are leaving in the last DAYS!  Please don’t play the innocent guardian that says’ ”Why is my child acting like this?” I’m so over this statement! Look back over your life, and ask yourself a question (Did I do anything to distort my child’s mine?) 80% will say yes, or its denial! LOL! Figure it out! Ignoring the truth isn’t going to help these babies! What can we do? Part 2 coming tomorrow.
References:United States. Census Department.

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