Mistakes To Avoid While Dating Part 2 Also For Men

This post is being published as part 2 of 1.Part 1 was published on 12/22/2010 which you can find in my blog.Well now that we've entered a New Year I just want to wrap up this series. So let's get right to it. So many times we start dating and we're not quite sure what are boundaries should be and here they are:
  • You have to let your mate know that you believe in the True and Living God . A lot of adults and women have determined to conceal this for fear of losing the relationship.
  • Let the date meet your family . Okay I know you want to delay until you're certain,however why waste time on getting your families opinion once you've invested a lot of time.
  • Ask God for his advice, because if you don't you're certainly making a big mistake. 
  • Pay attention to their behaviors. If the behaviors are consistently negative for example 70% negative and 30% positive MOVE ON. DON'T START GIVING THIRD AND FOURTH CHANCES !
  • Don't ask for money! Steve Harvey wrote a book called Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man, he admitted if your mate treasures you ,they will support you as much as possible What do you think?                                                                                                          

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