Take The Blinders Off!!

We singles seem to have a lot of idle time on our hands thinking about when a mate is going too drop out of the sky. So let's come up with a remedy for all our loneliness LOL! Let's discuss the needs of others and take the focus off ourselves and single hood. Right now in society so many people are hurting and going without. People are being destroyed daily.No one will take the time to care enough to help people in need.Take the first step with me.This Christmas me and the children decided to give cookies out to our neighbors. Now I didn't know what our neighbors needs were, but showing love is just that showing love.That ended up being a wonderful gesture of love, because we're supposed to love each other.At one point I've taken food out of my freezer and given to a family in need. I'm not bragging!!!.I'm just trying to get my point across that we need to pay attention to others needs. For example: neighbors,coworkers,a child,people at the grocery store,people at gas stations, people at church, people at the malls and  try to be a little more observant to people actions. But I caution you to use wisdom I'm not saying give the person 300.00 cash,but maybe your ear,a money order for a bill,a gift card,groceries,a ride,a break from their children or something like that. We all need to feel loved. Let me make this clear just because we're single doesn't mean money is coming out of our ears, but show some love if you can every once in a while.Take the blinders off! Just Saying!!!

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