Move Forward

I didn't go to church today because of a headache,but of course I missed a great message.My sister told me that the message was excellent and was about moving on.She went on and on about the message. What a surprise that was because right now I'm struggling to move forward myself. In life you go through cycles of change sometimes it easy other times its not.When I post on this blog and facebook I'm also talking to myself. Sometimes you can feel all alone but writing is an outlet of mine that therapeutically heals me. So today I'm vowing to move forward as we speak.This song is a dedicated to you and me.



  1. Oooooooh! Sooo refreshing when your page pulls up. Great job! Following from bloggy moms! Keep up the great work! I'm sooo following! Stay blessed! Follow me at and

  2. Thanks so much for dropping bye,and for the compliments.My passion in life is people.Please feel free to also like my fb page you can click on it on this page to the left! Love your clothes by the way!


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