Surviving Weight Loss

I've lost 42 pounds by using these weight loss survival strategies within 8 months, although the scale has fluctuated I'm dedicated to keep fighting the weight off. Remember it's a life style change! Change takes a lot of time and I'm not giving up.You shouldn't either so here it is:
1. Eat under 1800 calories a day if you go over the recommended calorie intake, you need to exercise longer than normal to get back under target calories for the day.I know it sounds crazy but it works. But don't abuse this technique!
2. Don't drink any soda
3. Chew sugarless gum
4. Drink 80 ounces of water daily
5. Have regular bowl movements at least once a day
6. Try eating only baked food
7. Run or walk three times a week for 30-60 minutes
8. Lift weights twice a week
9. Get your thyroid checked by your Physician just in case there's a problem
10. Eat small meals all day long (ex; Breakfast 3 pieces of turkey bacon and a peach fruit cup or a pack of instant oatmeal/Lunch: whole wheat bread,light mayo,Swiss cheese 1 turkey or chicken breast slice,yogurt/Snacks: popcorn,nutri grain bar,celery-peanut butter,peanuts,apples,popsicles etc/Dinner ;small portions try buying a portion plate/Night snacks see snacks above.
11.Only dine out once a week
12. If you mess up dust yourself off and try again.
14. Measure your waist once every two weeks
15. Weigh yourself once a week
16. Don't weigh yourself while on menstrual cycle.
17. Always carry a snack for emergencies, so you wont be tempted to pick up MickeyD's!
18. Exercising for the first few months twice a day really works to boost weight loss.
My prayer is that weight loss will become easy to you just like anything else. If you have questions or ideas please comment!:) Bye! Lane Bryant Look out Forever 21!
P.S. Im not a Physican so talk to your Physican before trying these techniques.


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