Freedom Vs Confinement

You've got: freedom to be who you want to be. freedom to love who you want to love. freedom to be happy. freedom to be sad. freedom to be love God. freedom to make mistakes. freedom to create ideas. freedom to speak. freedom to say NO. freedom to leave. and on,on,on and on

Freedom means the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint, exemption from external control, interference, regulation and the power to determine action without restraint.You've got all these options in life, but yet you still choose to live a confined life of nothingness. 
When we're in a relationship there has to be some freedom. If you don't have some freedom you may have what is called a dysfunctional relationship and these are the 11 signs:
  • A sense that you have to fit into someone else's perception of what is right or wrong in order to be loved.
  • You may feel confined.
  • There is always something to fix in the relationship.
  • You feel like you're settling.
  • Who you are is diminished in the relationship.
  • Your needs are not met in one way or another.
  • You're never going to be good enough.
  • You feel trapped.
  • Being there is not what you really want, but you're afraid to leave.
  • You find other ways to satisfy yourself to keep your mind off how unhappy you are in the situation.
  • When it's good, it's really good, but when it's bad it's horrible. 
Being single again was my choice, God gave me free will and I'm using it! The next time a relationship starts brewing in my life, I want to know what my mate thinks about Jesus, finances and freedom of choice in a relationship etc. What will you choose confinement or freedom? I know one thing, by that list above confinement will never be fun!


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