One Of My First Post (Is The Past Controlling You?)

This morning in my devotional time, I was thinking about how God has been dealing with my negative attitude. I used to be easily offended at the littlest things or situations. At times I was very negative. I wondered why my negative attitude was controlling my life. Then I looked back from when I was a child till now and a lot of people have hurt me or betrayed my trust and a lot of hurt was still present. This means I had to go back and forgive those people. And knock that chip off my shoulder. Which I tell you now it hasn’t been easy! But I’m a work in progress. Because when you let your past take control, so many things can be affected like your children if you have children, your job and relationships. It’s not worth it! My past isn’t going to control me!  What are your thoughts ? May God Forever Bless You!

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