Reflection Poem By B Savvy

Reflecting over my life.
Can’t remember a time where I can actually say I was single
Always had a man .Sometimes must admit. I even had two
Always felt like I had to have a plan B.So I never end up alone
Trade the main one in for the next one. When he starts to turn me off
Got married when I knew in my heart he was not the one. Regrets have plenty.
But then again those moments in my life. The choices that I made
Helped me be who I am today. Settled more times than I can count
Abuse I endured it. But today I have my standards, because of it.
So much wiser, so much stronger, and my worth I now know it.
So here I am today single. But guess what I’m loving it.It was in my being single
I finally found me.Being single showed me I didn’t need a man to complete me
Being single helped me understand.That there is more than meets the eye
It’s in my being single I realized just how much I enjoy having my freedom
Being able to dictate my own life, in my being single I’ve come to understand fully
What it means to say thank you. Now get out! Have my moments of loneliness,
And longing for that special someone. But with any and everything, that moment passes
And just because I’m single, doesn’t mean I have to jump on the first man approaching
I value me, I respect me, and I love me.So for me to go that stretch. You have to feel the same way I do,
and in your eyes. You have to see all that is great and beautiful in me.Not just what you want to do sexually too me.Appreciate my mind and the sparkle in my eyes being single.Yeah it’s not always what it is cracked up to be. But while being single you get to enjoy learning all about you, and its okay to have that ideal man you want in your mind cause visualization can bring him to the here and now! One day you wont be single anymore! - B.Savvy

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