Stand Strong

Whenever we build our lives on values and principles that contradict the time honored wisdom of Gods word we are laying a foundation on the sand.- James Dobson.
My Response: Continue to stand strong no matter what!. Giving into temptation will only make your situation worse.You may look at the right now situation ,but at the end of the right now situation, you will regret it, when it's all said and done. Negative temporary gratification will get you nothing but heartache and headache. As you mature in life standing strong should be a part of your everyday life. Knowing what you really want in life and going after it should be top priority by now! Ive been tempted myself ,but when I look at the big picture it's NOT WORTH IT! Don't get so weak in the knees that you cant say no! Stand Strong! Any Thoughts?

This post can be geared toward any dilemma or situation you maybe experiencing.

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