Starting Over

As I write this post alot of feelings are resurfacing from my past. So I want you to know starting over at anything can be difficult. Rather it’s leaving an unhealthy relationship with someone, recovering from addiction, loss of a job and or loss of home etc. When a person leaves a situation there may be feelings of hurt, pain, anger, depression and low self-esteem. With that in mind here are 11 strategies you can use to start over again successfully:
    • Ask God for help.
    • Ask God for forgiveness if you’ve done anything wrong in the situation.
    • Find a church home if you don’t have one, get involved in a support group if needed ,because talking will bring healing.
    • Cut communication with that person or the situation immediately.
    • Rekindle a closer relationship with children and family if neglect was present.
    • Spend quality time reading the bible daily and praying, if you don’t quite understand the bible try an easier translation like The Message Bible or New International Version Bible.
    • Listen to motivational cd’s, dvd’s and read books daily.
    • Don’t hide your thoughts and feelings, because when you suppress how you feel things can get worse!
    • Start a journal and write daily.
    • Sit down with your children every night and discuss their feelings, which should happen anyway almost every night.
    • Set new goals and boundaries for your life. All of these tools will make starting over a little easier.  It may still take time to heal, but you will get a boost of confidence.  My desire is that this will help anyone in a starting over situation. You will make it successfully through this!

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