Successfully Single

Successfully Single is a term that I’ve decided to use to describe my life now.
I’m  a single mother of 2 ,and it hasn’t been easy!
Looking back over some of the times I’ve been single this time is different. I’ve decided to put my trust and faith in God versus man.We’ve all made this mistake, but now’s the time to flip it! We have to devote time for self-examination. Which means spending more time with God, being transparent, content, confident in our decisions and not desperate enough to accept or believe anything no matter how long it takes? Ask yourself this question! What’s the longest period of time you’ve been single? Half of you might say, Oh I’ve been single a long time, “the other half will say maybe 6 months or 1 year. But the fact of the matter is everyone wants to have a companion. The next question is at what cost do you want a mate? Take the time to follow the suggestions in this post. When our mate comes along we shouldn’t have any major issues. No breaking of our boundaries, no giving into temptation and no mental break downs that takes months to get us back on our feet. My desire is for you to become Successfully Single.
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