Do You Have A Vision?

This morning I was thinking about the word vision. The definition of vision is an action or strength of anticipating that which will or may come to happen an example is wanting to be an entrepreneur,going back to school or missions work ,whatever the case maybe for you.Stop procrastinating it will never happen, if you don't move.Being single should motivate us to be better and wiser in making decisions.The advantage of being single right now is you can devote your time to the vision,and no one can pull you away.Quit praying for a mate and work on you and the kids.If you don't have any kids there is no excuse.Sometimes it may feel like things aren't getting better but I know there's a greater purpose for me and my children.A baby daddy not being in the picture doesn't hinder me at all.Quit being needy and get to work! How do you feel?

With much love,


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