Be careful Single/Christians

The  Lord directed me to write a few sentences on phony single Christians or Christians in general. He isn't pleased with that! Sugar coating this message will not help anyone. Dismissing the fact that it's okay to be a Christian and live any type of way which is called (straddling the fence). We have too many people who are hurting and looking for an answer and that has too change. As Christians if we led anyone down the wrong path, due to our own ideology of what a Christan should be. If your struggling with being honest just do not tell anyone or at least say I've got some issues too work on! Now the reason this blog began was so  transparency could be seen. No it is not appropriate to do what you want ! You say you're a Christan act like it! Now trust me when walking with the Lord for the first time things weren't completely right with me,although I wrangled myself together before publicizing my Christianity. When chatting with different people who didn't know the Lord my approach was things are getting favourably better, however cigarettes are still a battle. Conviction creeped up on me so fast smoking no longer was an addiction for me!My acquaintances observed the transformation.The Lord is coming back!Just Sayin!


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  1. Christmas is here. Holidays can be triggers. Keep your mind off of the statement I wish, ok! Winter is a trigger, warmth. All these things can bring about some form of depression. Don't even succomb to depression. Think about how much you have to be thankful for. Think about if you were in a relationship and it was crappy and you would have someone there that could just ruin the Christmas spirit. There is a benefit in not rushing to be married , because this Christmas could have been a unhappy Christmas with someone you picked because you just did not want to be alone and you have discovered you really messed up connecting with someone you just could not wait for. Tears instead of joy. This Christmas could have been horrible if you had made the wrong decision. Enjoy Christmas, have fun, and celebrate our Lord


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