Get Your Eye Off The Roses Or The Cookies! It Will Come Eventually!

Why is your eye consistently on the roses or the cookies!
Why does the world view being single as resembling a bad thing?
Is it due to our insecurities?
Is it due to the world saying we have to have sex to feel good for a few moments?
Is it due to all your friends having mates?
Is it due to your culture or family dynamics saying it’s bad to be single?
Did your mother or father consistently maintain a mate around to make them feel spirited?
Relive those periods when your mom or dad would be so happy.
And as soon as the bond would break up your mom or dad would begin being depressed,
and possibly even shift their attitude in a disproving light toward you.
This occurs in families’ everyday. I’ve observed it first hand in my friend’s lives and in my associations. This type of mind-set we have to shift. If not for ourselves at least enlighten our youngsters to something dissimilar. Our mind-set put us in a direction to embrace unsatisfactory empty relationships. Try to focus on you along with your connection with Christ. Being in a relationship is something we desire, since the Lord formed us that way. Nevertheless! Hey if the milk isn’t white wait it out! I’m going to sprint through single hood successfully this duration around by the Grace of God until my tailor-made mate approaches! LT

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