A Single Mother's Will

Her Will

Lonely words on doorstep the day he walked away.
Left behind a shattered woman, two children out at play.
Which way to turn? She pondered as the night grew darker still.
A withy woman she was not, yet, had to find the will.

Sidewalk beneath her footsteps. each day a search for work.
Had to find a way to live - could not remain a clerk.
Cashed in the life insurance to attend the school at night.
Never would she give up - no, not without a fight.

Now, a nurse at thirty, she's made their house a home.
Proud of her accomplishments and doing it on her own.
Two children, steady, strong are they, she takes with her great joy.
The love and faith of three - the one did not destroy.

While searching the internet I found this great poem of inspiration.I pray you
 will be blessed by it. What is your testimony? LT

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