10 Ways to Move on After a Bad Relationship

10 Ways to Move on After a Negative Relationship
1. Forgive (Which isn’t easy!!!!)
2.  Pray !You can use these exact words, if you are unsure of what to say (Thank you Lord for helping me to leave my negative situation and Lord help me to be free from this relationship that wasn’t good for me! Lord give me direction in this next stage of my life and Lord I pray also that my children will find rest in our new life! If you were doing something that wasn’t of God also ask the Lord for forgiveness.
3. Read your bible on a daily basis preferably Psalms
4. Develop a positive support system, so you wont decide to go back in the relationship.
5. Seek a Christian counselor so you can deal with any past issue that drove you to the negative relationship.
6. Take children to counseling depending on the severity of the relationship.
7. Never be in denial that your kids haven’t been affected from that negative relationship.
8. Never let them see you sweat!
9. Continue with your job and or daily activities.
10. Spend time working on your vision. You won’t have time to think about a relationship for a while.


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