10 Steps That Help You Lose Weight Successfully!

  • Step One:Look in the mirror not a short mirror but a full length mirror for 5 minutes.What do you see? Journal what you see in yourself.Ask yourself would you date yourself? This is called a self evaluation.
  • Step Two:If you truly are overweight make a decision that your ready to change, and that you hate being overweight!
  • Step Three:Pray and ask God for his help!
  • Step Four:Take action throw away all the junk food in your home examples would be pork,cut down on red meat intake all together,rolls,high sodium products,cookies,candies,ice cream,pop,juice,white bread and all caffeine products.This is not about a fad diet this is about lifestyle change.If you decide to eat one of those products listed above buy only one serving.DO NOT BUY MORE THAN ONE SERVING FOR YOUR HOME !!!!
  • Step Five:Do not starve yourself! Try 1500 calories a day.Ok don't panic there's  a solution for the madness.
  • Step Six:Exercise two times a day! Because step five is getting easier when you exercise you will gain some calories.So say you've burned 300 calories then your calorie intake would become 1800 calories a day.And if you burn another 300 calories in the evening then you will have earned 2100 calories per day.See it's simple!
  • Step Seven:Drink at least 10 glasses of water.Buy a giant jug container and drink on it all day.
  • Step Eight:No eating after 7pm unless it's popcorn or cereal.
  • Step Nine:Carry a calorie book with you at all times just in case you have a restaurant attack.So you will know what your up against when you eat that food.Well I have a some what funny story to tell.Someone brought me a  cheddar chese broc-soup,seirra-t ,cookie and chips from Panera B-.I tell you honestly.I was so hungry that day I didn't look up my calories.When I finished that meal and looked up my calorie intake I was ready to scream at myself .I had eaten over 2000 calories in one setting.NOT A HAPPY MOMENT FOR ME AT ALL.So now I check all restaurant food ahead of time.You have to be well prepared all the time
  • Step Ten:Carry healthy snacks all the time like apples,fruit cups,yogurt,wheat thins and light popcorn etc.Its like packing a diaper bag everyday lol! Watch portion control! Please keep me updated.

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