Be Realistic List!

All my single people while sitting around waiting for a mate to drop out of the sky lol!
Let's be realistic! You need too start thinking about your ideal mate.What type of mate are you looking for?
Write in a journal and ask yourself these question:
  • Are you prepared to deal with baby mom and daddy drama from your mates past relationships?
  • Do you want someone who's been divorced?
  • Do you want a mate thats a christian?
  • Do you want a mate that has had boughts with bad credit?
  • Do you want a mate that smokes and drinks?
  • Is your family dynamics prepared to add a mate to the picture?
  • Are you prepared to deal with a mate that pays child support on a regular basis? Which will take away from your household unless the mate has a very good income.The worst thing we can do as singles is not be prepared for this next transition in our lives.Knowing what you want is pertinent.Think these questions over and more and let's get prepared.

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