7 Ways We Can Deal With Negative People

Negative people are at your job, they can be a neighbor, a gas attendant, a server, a bill collector, a church member, a relative , a cashier. Two quotes that I've heard over and over again is hurting people hurt people and in 1928 Maya Angelou said " Half of the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important.They don't mean to do harm but the harm does not interest them."These quotes are so true.My experience with negative people has been on the job ,in personal relationships, in retail stores, with neighbors and of course on the roadways. Dealing with negative people has always bothered me. I'm really trying to work extra hard on changing the way I react to negative people so I have decided to take this journey with you. Here are 7 Ways We Can Deal With Negative People which are:       
  1. Love them unconditionally.
  2. Let negative people be where they're at.
  3. Kill people with kindness.
  4. Don't take it personal.
  5. Hold your tongue.
  6. Step into the negative persons shoes ,which doesn't give an excuse for their behavior either. But just maybe a glimpse of past struggles will help us understand what's going on.
  7. Share God with the person.      How do you deal with negative people?

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