Nine Ways To Deal With Anger

Nine Ways To Deal With Anger
  • First and foremost having a relationship with Christ will benefit you.
  • Think before you react.
  • Read The Word of God Daily( Especially Proverbs ,Deuteronomy, Corinthians,Psalms)Which will educate and bring peace in your spirit.Those books of the bible helped me tremendously.
  • Pray for healing daily, because you could still be dealing with some hurt in your past.
  • Do not suppress feelings talk it out.
  • Love everyone despite their actions.
  • Wait till you've calmed down before discussing things that made you angry.
  • You have to forgive but don't forget.
  • Seek Christian Counseling. 
Anger occasionally can be a battle of mine also. I'm a christian and sometimes I get angry.Just keeping it 100.As a publisher my philosophy  is to be honest at all times. Not to put on a show like my life is great because sometimes it's not.Communication and Self Control also play a great part with how we deal with anger. One other thing your enemy doesn't want you to work on your anger, because he or she doesn't want you to have peace.Think the next time you get ready to fly off the handle.And Yes anger does need to be addressed with singles, because the mate your going to meet will not be happy with anger issues when they surface.
Please take this journey with me to work on our anger! 


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