Praise Him In Advance

Listen to words in this song!
Just sitting here thanking God in advance.Trials and tribulations will come my friends, but in the end God will always get the glory.No matter what you're going through praise God in advance and believe it and it will come to pass.If you're facing sickness, financial problems, addictions, crazy kids and depressions etc. I'm a living witness that praising him in advance works.If you don't know him try him please.


  1. love this song I have it on my ipod and I listen to it almost every day,,I love when it says praises will confuse thee enemy..Glory to GOD

  2. Desiray this song is my anthem.And I love that part also.Don't let me start talking about the goodness of God and all he's done for me my soul crys out hallejuiah I praise God for saving me.Hope I spelled hallej- right lol!


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