20 Things I Want From A Man

I've been in my fair share of relationships and they weren't good.(Sometimes I have flash backs and say what the heck was I thinkin lol!) So today I'm sharing what I want from a man in my next relationship.
Brace yourself this is real talk. I will not settle for less anymore.You shouldnt either! Develop a list of what you want and stick to it! Men love a woman who keeps their word, rather they tell you or not.
1. A man that loves God and has a relationship with him.
2. A man that has goals in life.
3. A man that has a good relationships with his family.
4. A man that has a job(good work history)
5. A man that has his own residence.
6. A man that pays his child support if children are involved.
7. A man that has never been married. (please dont take it personal)
8. A man that will wait for intimacy till married.(Ill tell him upfront!)
9. A man that is giving in any situation(Not on the gold digger mess...excuses,excuses)
10.A man that doesn't drink alcohol or smoke (anything)
11.A man that opens the car door for me.
12.A man that loves my children.
13.A man that doesn't mind counseling.
14.A man that's not afraid of change.
15.A man that doesnt curse.
16.A man that will be honest with me!
17.A man that will get a physical with me before engagment.
18.A man that attends bible study.
19.A man that will attend premartial counseling through my church.
20.A man that will clean at least a little.
Please comment if you have something to add.



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